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Shopper's Guide

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Shopping for a new floor can be confusing, and frustrating if you are not prepared. To help you shop for flooring we have developed a shopper's list. Before visiting us, print out this page.

Before you visit us:

  1. Draw a simple outline of the room(s) and where the room entrances are located.
  2. Carefully measure the room(s) you want to cover with new flooring. Use a metal measuring tape and write down both the width and length of the room(s). Be sure to include closets and any other areas that will need flooring.
  3. Make a note of what are the adjoining rooms and what flooring is currently in those areas.
  4. Make a note about how much natural sunlight enters the room, which direction the room faces, and any sliding patio doors.
  5. If possible, make a note of what is under the existing flooring? (Sometimes if you have an forced-air heating system with in-floor heating ducts you can pull up the heat vent cover and look inside to get an idea as to what is really underneath your existing flooring.)
  6. Whenever possible bring along any furniture, wallpaper, and drapery fabrics from the room(s).
  7. Decide what you want done with existing baseboard and moldings.
  8. Think about answers to these questions to help you select the right floor for your needs:

How much traffic does this room get each day?

What is the room used for?

How many children and pets do you have?

Do you have a certain color in mind?

What are your personal expectations for the flooring?

How long do you want it to last?

  1. Before choosing a floor, have the salesperson review with you the manufacturer's warranty information as well as the manufacturer's care and maintenance procedures. Keep a copy of both brochures for your reference.
  2. We will give you all quotes in writing, including amount of flooring needed, and a rough diagram of how they will install the flooring and where all seams will fall.
  3. Always get all product information in writing including the manufacturer's name, product name, style, color, and how the product will be installed.



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