Is the carpet in your home outdated? Dingy? Need an upgrade? Let the experts at Fogelsonger's show you a wide array of modern options. Check out our online catalog below. Or better yet, stop into our showroom to look and feel out your options. There's nothing like walking on cozy new carpet, and we can make that happen!

About Carpet

With carpet comes warmth and comfort like no other. Soft to the touch yet durable enough to withstand thousands of footsteps. Fogelsonger’s carpets come from national companies that have stood the test of time.


Carpet now comes in a wide range of styles the fit the needs of any household. From high traffic areas such as the living room, to the bedroom where you may want a high-style look, we can customize any room in your home. Today’s carpet is backed by color systems that ensure your carpet will last. Pet-proof carpeting and pet-friendly carpeting are also in the mix, providing another element of durability.


Carpet is created from a handful of different materials; polyester carpet (PET and PTT), nylon carpet and olefin carpet. These come in various piles; cut pile or plush carpet, loop pile and patterned loop pile. To learn more about carpet materials and types, visit our showroom and speak with one of our carpet experts!


Fogelsonger’s offers Dream Weaver Carpet and Shaw Carpet for residential use. Looking for carpet for your business or commercial building? Our carpet tiles from Shaw, Mohawk and Pentz Commercial Flooring Solutions provide the reliability and flexibility needed to keep your business looking great.  


Carpet Installation

Yes, we install carpet! Click below for more information!

Tips & Tricks

Caring for your new carpet is easy!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Carpet Gallery!