Choosing to add hardwood floors to your home can bring both value and beauty! Hardwood flooring gives any room a whole new level of character with it's natural variations and colors. These rich and inviting floors provide years of enjoyment!

About Hardwood

Whether your home has a modern feel, or a look that is far more rustic, hardwood floors can be the perfect addition to any room in your house. We offer a wide range of solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. Our manufacturers work with the best materials to give you a solid and beautiful floor every time.


Oak, Hickory and Maple are among the species offered. And we go one step further by providing choice of finish, including smooth, wire brushed, distressed, skip-sawn and hand-scraped texture floors. Most hardwood floors come in various lengths up to 8-foot long planks that vary in width, and a wide spanning number of colors in the brown, grey and taupe tones. Wood flooring provides a natural look to any room as it shows off its beautiful grains, offering character like no other floors.


If you’re looking to add value to you home, look no further than hardwood floors. Not only does it provide a beautiful update, but is durable enough to last generations.


At Fogelsonger’s, we install wood floors by Shaw Engineered Hardwood, Shaw Solid Hardwood and Shaw EPIC Plus Hardwood, along with Chelsea Plank Flooring, Mercier and Paramount.




Chose the hardwood floor that fits your style then book your installation! 

Tips & Tricks

Caring for hardwood

flooring is easy!

Hardwood brings warmth and beauty to any home. See samples below!